Five of the Best – Animal Associations

Five of the best modes of transport from across the Magellan PR client base when you next visit a destination or hotel on holiday!

Canine Ambassadors, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

 Canine Ambassadors are a very popular feature at Fairmont Hotels – one ‘Catie Copley’ even has her own book! Travellers missing their own furry friend, or looking for a companion while taking a walk can bring along the resident Fairmont dog for extra security and the comfort from home.

Kermode ‘Spirit Bear’, King Pacific Lodge

King Pacific Lodge is situated in one of the most biologically diverse areas of the planet and is the perfect place to see the unique cream coloured ‘spirit bear’ fishing for salmon in the river or padding through the rainforest. King Pacific Lodge run ‘spirit bear’ tracking expeditions in September to see this beautiful animal.

Fairmont Bees, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

With growing concerns about Colony Collapse Disorder with honeybees, Fairmont saw an opportunity to help nature by placing hives in their hotels’ rooftop gardens.  Not only will this help the local environment, but their chefs can offer delicious, local and sustainable honey. Currently eleven hotels have this feature, with more hotels soon to follow suit.

Twitter: @FairmontHotels

Kasper the Kat, The Savoy London (a Fairmont Property)

Kasper the Kat has been a Savoy legend since 1898, joining dinner parties of 13 to make 14 – a less unlucky number for the superstitious! The 3ft high Art Deco wooden sculpture was designed by Basil Ionides in 1926 and is served every course as a bona fide guest with a napkin around his neck!

Twitter: @TheSavoyLondon

Futuroscope, Poitou-Charentes, France

Take part in a ground-breaking, interactive safari –‘The Future is Wild’ mingling with 3D creatures in their natural environment and playing an active role in a world that is both reality and virtual reality, in Futuroscope’s specially constructed theatre.

Twitter:  @Futuroscope Twitter:  @VisitPCharentes


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