I can’t believe I have been tweeting for a year now …

It’s been a year since I was introduced by @aceglobetrotter to Twitter on a press trip – literally forced to post something – under her kind guidance.  Her hand-holding was vital at the beginning as it is quite simply terrifying to post your first tweet – I remember it oh so well.  Now a year on and an ardent Twitter fan, here are half a dozen observations I have made over the past 12 months.

You can’t hide your personality on Twitter and it shows your true self – I have altered my opinions of people I have met, based on their true personality bursting through their tweets.

You need to give yourself limits as to what you are prepared to say and comment upon – and what you are not – as it is a public forum – no matter how hard sticking to that can sometimes be!

I like the 140 character limit as it tends to test your writing skills – am still working on that one to be honest.

I love the friendship and generosity so freely given on Twitter – it is inclusive rather than exclusive – and people go out of their way to help you.  I now feel I can elicit help if I need to from all over the time zones and from all walks of life.   You need to be equally generous in return.

I have found my enjoyment of TV programmes enhanced by watching said programme alongside a Twitter hashtag group.  Spooks and The Killing worked well in these instances – particularly when you read some of the tweets purported to be from key characters running in real time alongside the broadcast.  Hysterical at times.

Finally, my recent addiction focusses on the Twitter Chats I join.  I am constantly amazed at the wit, speed and information exchanged on these quick fire events.  My Twitter chats include #FNI, #TTOT, #CruiseChat, #NUTS, #TogChat, #BeachThursday, #TeaThurs, #TNI, #FriFotos, #LuxChat, #TourismChat.  If you like food, travel and photography, you might like these groups too.

So, if you have yet to do so, ask a Twitter friend to be your guru and launch yourself onto Twitter.  It’s not as scary as it seems, you can connect with people the world over and it’s great fun too.

Contributer:  Sue Lowry


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Magellan Straits showcases the observations & musings from Magellan PR, a boutique travel & lifestyle agency founded in 1998. We post items that are of interest from the clients we promote and from the travels and experiences that we independently undertake.
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2 Responses to I can’t believe I have been tweeting for a year now …

  1. Anthea Gerrie says:

    I am proud of how well you’ve engaged with Twitter since taking it on, and astonished at how big a following you’ve gained so quickly. I think this is because you’ve devoted more time to it than I ever have, and really engaged with people. You’ve also learned the language better than me – I would never have thought about joining a Twitter chat group, but now I might try to find out about some of those you belong to and join the conversation.
    Really pleased you were open-minded enough to realise what a valuable tool it can be, and thank
    you for letting me put my own Twitter skills to work for you professionally. I am very proud of my first and possibly only “graduate”!

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