Five of the Best Museums!

Welcome to the third of our five of the best series, looking at common themes and topics across the Magellan PR client base. This one is looking at destinations with ‘Museums with a Difference’ including The Savoy (a Fairmont property), MidiPyrénées and Poitou-Charentes in France. Further information or high and low resolution imagery is available on request by contacting Alison at +44 (0) 1483 570804.

  • The Savoy Museum, The Savoy a Fairmont property – The hotel’s rich history has been preserved in one of the largest hotel archives in the world. For the first time, selected items from these archives are now on show in a new museum space by the lobby, curated by style journalist, James Sherwood.

Twitter: @TheSavoyLondon

  • Hermione Museum, Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes – A near perfect replica of The Hermione, the ship that famously took LaFayette to America in 1780 to fight in the War of Independence, is being built by craftsmen and women.  A living museum, visitors can watch the work in progress and learn about carpentry techniques at the same time. The completed ship hopes to be unveiled late 2011/2012 and will again sail to America to commemorate LaFayette’s voyage.

  • Glove Museum, Millau, Midi-Pyrénées – Millau has been the centre of glove making for over a century and the museum displays this with a remarkable collection of gloves throughout the ages. The quality of the leather in Millau has been long appreciated by the big Paris Fashion houses such as Chanel and Hermès who still have their merchandise manufactured in the town.

  • Swiss Transport Museum, Lucerne, Switzerland – Experience the tales of transport development by road, rail and water as well as in the air and outer space yesterday, today and in the future in Switzerland’s most visited museum. With more than 3000 objects to see, the Swiss Transport Museum presents a fascinating insight into one of mankind’s greatest endeavours.

Twitter: @I_Love_Lucerne

  • Pierre Loti House, Poitou-Charentes – Visit the exotic and certainly eccentric former home of naval officer turned writer Pierre Loti, famous for his best-selling romances with exotic settings, based on his travels. Known in his lifetime for hosting medieval parties with all guests in costume, his home has a similar medieval theme and reflects both of his favourite pastimes – his books and his travels.

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Magellan Straits showcases the observations & musings from Magellan PR, a boutique travel & lifestyle agency founded in 1998. We post items that are of interest from the clients we promote and from the travels and experiences that we independently undertake.
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