Guest Post: Ali goes travelling!

After many years of deliberation, I have finally decided to jet off to South East Asia for ten weeks with my boyfriend. Considering my previous experiences of ‘travel’ consists of mainstream holiday destinations at rather cushy hotels, where the only stress of the day is getting ready for dinner, I am nervous yet optimistic of my new adventure that lies ahead! The twitter chat #TTOT has tipped the balance and persuaded me to go!

On making this decision our first thought was of course where to go… Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam were always on the list… but after investigating flight prices, we decided to add Malaysia to the agenda. We bagged what can only be described as the ultimate bargain – £200 one way flights to Kuala Lumpur (I couldn’t quite believe my eyes).

Although I was always aware of all these destinations from friends travels… the ‘craziness’ of tubing in Laos, the solemnity of the Cambodia Killing Fields and the UV paint of the Full Moon parties (to name a few) I realised, other than these little anecdotes, I did not really have a clue what my journey would involve. With that realisation, one thing came to mind – books! Armed with ‘one-click-order’ on Amazon (thanks mum) a week later, I had a worrying number of books and maps to investigate!

A month later, I am passed the ‘I know nothing’ stage and now facing a new problem – I need longer than ten weeks to cover everything I have read! But with my more decisive boyfriend at hand, we have whittled down my never ending list (after much laughter from him that I had actually read each guidebook cover to cover!)

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Magellan Straits showcases the observations & musings from Magellan PR, a boutique travel & lifestyle agency founded in 1998. We post items that are of interest from the clients we promote and from the travels and experiences that we independently undertake.
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2 Responses to Guest Post: Ali goes travelling!

  1. Bon voyage Ali! I can’t wait to read more about your adventures!

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