It’s all about Duffy, Duffy Boats that is…

Duffy Boats courtesy of photographer, David Serino

Until I started work at Magellan PR, I had no idea what a Duffy Boat was.  Oh how quickly things can change! Since discovering Visit Newport Beach I have learnt a little about these tenacious little boats – smart little golf carts on the water and very manoueverable. The Duffy Company was set up in 1970 with their first little electric boat and has gone from strength to strength.   You see them lined up next to the multi-million yachts in Newport Beach Harbour (the largest small yacht harbour in the world), all kitted out in the same colours as the master-yacht and used to ferry owners and guests around the water – from shops, to restaurants and bars and water-front homes.  All have names associated with electricity too – (Charge It; High Wattage, Keep Charging – I think you can see where I’m going here …).

Occasionally, of course, a ‘friend’ will hop onboard, unannounced, asking for snacks too – as you can see from Long John Pigeon here.  What’s more the Duffy boats are so easy to use, anyone can to don the captain’s hat and set course for all the greatest beauty spots and eateries. Each boat has a canopy top, window enclosure, CD and even MP3 access so you can sail around enveloped by your personal faves.  If that all seems too good to be true, they even pass muster with Newport Beach’s green credentials and keep the blue waters blue.  The best thing to do is of course to take a champagne picnic onboard – we did and it’s great fun.

To find out more about Duffy Boat Tours go to: Visit Newport Beach.

Contributor:  Alexandra Pinhorn

Visit Newport Beach is a client of Magellan PR.  For more information on Newport Beach, please visit Visit Newport Beach or visit Newport Beach’s blog; follow them on twitter @NewportBeach or on Facebook/visitnewportbeach.

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