Social Media Personalities: Meet the Isabelle behind Isabelle’s Travel Guide

Photo courtesy of Kash Bhattacharya

In a new series, MagellanStraits interviews influential social media personalities.  The gifted and likeable writer, blogger and photographer, Isabelle Kenis of Isabelle’s Travel Guide (and hashtag group #BeachThursday founder) has kindly agreed to be our first interviewee.

What social media streams do you use?

Facebook, Pinterest, Google + for both Isabelle`s Travel Guide and #BeachThursday. Twitter via @IsabellesTravel, because that’s how #BeachThursday started in the first place.

How do you allocate time to updating, commenting etc?

It is very time-consuming using all the social media platforms there are these days, but you just have to set yourself a time limit and try not to get sucked into it.

You have thousands of followers, how do you keep it personal?

People talk to me by answering or asking questions directly by adding @ my twitter account. When I go online, I just look to see what people are talking about and join in a conversation.

What social media platform helps you the most with your blog?

Twitter and Facebook, probably because I`ve been using them longest.

Are you a pinner?

Yes, but I just starting using it. I do like the concept because I love photography and through Pinterest you get to see some amazing photos.

Where did the idea for #beachthursday come from?

BeachThursday is an idea that started one rainy Thursday. I’m a beach lover and because the weather was so miserable that particular day, I was daydreaming of being on a beach somewhere… I started putting tweets with a #BeachThursday tag on Twitter and talked about different beaches I had been to, which beaches were still on my list – and that’s how “BeachThursday” was born.

How has it grown from the early days?

Now people tweet & retweet about their favourite beach destinations, beach pictures,… anything with a beach theme.

Where do you think it will lead to?

Hard to say, but I do hope it will grow into a well-known hashtag that people will participate in.

Isabelle on location on the Ile de Ré, Poitou-Charentes

Because of #beachthursday, do people assume that you are only interested in beaches and holidays?

Yes, I do get that a lot. That’s why I’m launching a website for #beachthursday soon.

What is your focus for your blog?

Experiencing new destinations, providing helpful information through my own travel experiences. Which is usually luxury based, because that’s how I like to travel.

Are you self funding for your blog?  Is that the hardest part?

Yes, I`m a full time travel blogger. It’s not easy, but any business you start is hard work.

What tips can you give first time tweeters?

Be yourself! That’s probably the most important tip. People follow you because of you, your experiences, and your interests. And engage with others. Twitter is a great tool to get to know others who have the same interest as you, if it’s in travel, fashion, sports or anything else.

Which lenses do you recommend for travel blogging?

I recommend the 18-200 mm camera lens, because it’s an all-round lens. I do love the 50 mm for portraits and food shots too. But if you have to pack light, the 18-200 mm is my favourite. I wrote an article about the lenses I use.

What tips can you offer a first time travel blogger?

Only start a blog if it’s your true passion and expect to put lots of time and energy into it. And keep in mind it takes time to get your name out there.

Do you participate in twitter chats?

Yes, I do. I participate in #TTOT if I have the time.

What are must haves for any blogger trip?

WiFi is the most important thing.  With that, you can share anything or work. As for a blogger must have’s: iPhone (or smartphone), laptop, camera, tablet if you own one.

What are no-no’s for any blogger trip?

Overloading the schedule. Bloggers need time to explore a destination.

Follow Isabelle on twitter – @IsabellesTravel, on Facebook/IsabellesTravelGuide, on Google+ and on Pinterest.

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Contributer:  Sue Lowry


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  1. Isabelle is definitely one of my fav people to follow on twitter. Great to learn more about her via this interview.

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