Shaken not stirred: Magellan’s Cocktail List – Cognac Summit

It is imposable to talk about Cognac, without memories of the great taste and aroma of the finest French spirit conjuring in your mind. The Cognac Summit was created by a twenty strong team of the greatest Mixologists from around the world and was specially designed to accentuate the natural aromas of Cognac with refreshing spicy notes.

Image with thanks to Gerard Martron
©BNIC / Gerard Martron

 All you need is:

40 ml VSOP Cognac

60 ml Traditional Lemonade

Lime Peal

4 thin slices of Ginger

1 long slice of Cucumber Peel

4 or 5 Ice Cubes

Put the lime zest, ginger slices and half of the VSOP Cognac into a glass. Using a muddler, lightly press the lime and ginger two to three times. Half fill the glass with ice and stir for five seconds using a bar spoon. Finally add the remaining VSOP Cognac, lemonade and cucumber peal, stir and enjoy.

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Contributer:  Alexandra Pinhorn


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