Vintage Photo Series – Frank Sinatra and Donna Reed

Donna Reed and Frank Sinatra, courtesy of Palm Springs Art Museum

Ratpack hero, film star and master crooner, Frank Sinatra with Donna Reed is the subject of retro image fifth of our series of vintage black and white images.  Frank, the Chairman of the Board, was the celebrity most associated with Palm Springs, California and today, you can rent his first home (which he shared with wife Ava Gardner and which he commissioned in mid-century modern style) – Twin Palms Estate.   Immaculately kept, The Sinatra House (as it is sometimes known) features an amazing piano-shaped swimming pool and of course, two palm trees as you might expect. He later moved into a larger, second home nicknamed The Compound, which is now in private ownership.

Just one of the many vintage images from The William Anderson Photo Collection, shown here courtesy of Bob Bogard, Palm Springs Art Museum. Gifted by Dorothy Anderson, the photograph was taken in 1954 and features the Oscar winning couple who famously won Best Supporting Actor and Actress in 1953 for From Here to Eternity.

Contributer:  Sue Lowry

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