Jungle Living Down Mexico Way!

The lush, tropical jungle encircling each of the 41 villas and the Spa comprising Viceroy Riviera Maya and leading down a slight slope to the sandy beach and the Caribbean Sea beyond, is one of the most attractive and most commented elements of the resort.

Individual palapa villas lie discreetly hidden within dense vegetation, lush with fern, palm and guava trees, and fresh-water cenotes. A maze of pathways meanders gently through the landscape, leading guests on a journey of the senses.

There are over twelve different species of plant within the jungle gardens, all indigenous to the region, tended over by a team of five gardeners.   Within this tropical and cool oasis, a welcome retreat from the heat of the day, you can find a number of animals and birds who have made this their home.  Residents range from the small, brown jungle rabbit to the people-shy spider monkeys, the black spiny-tailed iguana and the Yucatan banded Gecko, whilst birdlife includes the Yucatan Woodpecker and the Yucatan Jay.  Our Shaman tells us too that the spirits living within the jungle must be celebrated each day and ceremonies take place each day to keep a positive vibe alive at the Viceroy!

Contributor:  Sue Lowry

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