Shaken not Stirred – The ‘Brandy Alexander’ at The Fairmont San Francisco

Brandy Alexander

The Fairmont San Francisco’s ‘Hurricane Bar’ is known for it’s excellent cocktails and to ensure nobody misses out, visitors can recreate their masterpieces at home with various cocktail recipes – this is one of our favourites!

Crafted for the wedding celebrations of British Royal Princess Mary and Lord Lascelles in 1922, the Brandy Alexander was a household name by the mid 1930’s. A tasty blend of brandy and chocolate, smoothed with cream, this indulgent drink is the perfect tipple to remind you of those cherished festive celebrations! This delightful cocktail reached the height of popular culture in the pilot episode of the Mary Tyler Moore television show in 1970, when the Mary Richard character asked for one during her job interview!


•  1¾ oz (50 ml) Rémy Martin VSOP Cognac

•  ¾ oz (25 ml) Dark Crème de Cacao

•  ¾ oz (25 ml) Single Cream

•  Sprinkle of Grated Nutmeg (garnish)


Prep Time: Five Minutes

•  Shake all ingredients (excl. nutmeg) with ice

•  Fine strain into chilled glass

•  Dust with freshly grated nutmeg


Contributor:  Ali Bedford

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