A Return to Eden: Bali Revisited

Bali is over-developed now – it’s too touristy – these were the opinions given to me by some of my friends when I shared the news with them that I was finally returning after a decade to this Indonesian island.  Not what I wanted to hear when I had just paid for my flights.

I needn’t have worried however.  Once I arrived at Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran Bay, my groundless fears dissipated and I was once again consumed by this resort’s magic.

Yes, Bali may currently be a haven for developers, but that doesn’t negate the island’s offerings, nor does it diminish what Four Seasons has created at this beach-side hideaway.  The resort is split into smaller “villages”, but even with 147 villas fully occupied, we rarely saw anyone.

Well who would want to leave their villa?  It’s an entire apartment – larger than my old London flat!  One side is a sleeping / bathing pavilion, the other is a dining / reclining area with a pool front and centre – brought together by a pebbled pathway with lush vegetation and Balinese statues.  It’s a wrench to return to reality.

What were my impressions after this long absence?  I saw a pristine resort which has aged gracefully, fully bedded into the community – staff who are proud to work at Four Seasons – mature & beautifully managed plantings which are carefully and fastidiously tended – Balinese offerings which are placed for me as their guest and for all the spirits in this little piece of paradise.

My advice?  Don’t listen to the gloom merchants – keep the faith, rely on the innate decency, courtesy and gentleness of the Balinese and book the next flight out.  I can’t wait until my next trip …

Suggestion – split your stay between the two Four Seasons Resorts in Bali.  I would personally do four or five nights here at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay for that beach experience, before moving up and inland to the Four Seasons Resort Sayan at Ubud for a two or three night stay.  This contemporary resort is a perfect foil to Jimbaran and the two combined make for the perfect stay.

For more images of Bali, click on my Flickr feed here.

Contributor: Sue Lowry

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