The Great French Blogger Relay!


Magellan PR is proud to be working with CRT Poitou-Charentes for a unique European blogger marathon featuring nine experienced and talented blogger/photographers from three different countries – the UK, from The Netherlands and from Germany from 9th – 19th May 2013.  Bringing up the rear as participant number 10 will be yours truly, Magellan!


Each blogger has been chosen for their unique niche market and will be following either a solo, a couples or a family itinerary, custom created for personal preference.  So if you are interested in exploring the region and all it has to offer through the eyes of some of the best of European travel blogging talent, then look out for the #FranceAtlantic hashtag group.


This can be further drilled down by adding either #FranceAtlantic #PC1s (for independent solo travellers), #FranceAtlantic #PC3c (for couples) and #FranceAtlantic #PC2f (for family ideas and adventures).  A  unique micro-site has been created to showcase their travels and experiences.


So come along and join in the fun and games over in Atlantic France – we at Magellan are certainly going to enjoy seeing the region through the eyes of these great bloggers and photographers …


Germany: Elke Weiler, @MeerBlogde (#FranceAtlantic #PC3c); Nicole Hildebrandt, @luziapimpinessa (#FranceAtlantic #PC2f) and Gesa Temmen, @Lilies-Diary (#FranceAtlantic #PC1s).

The Netherlands: Ester Blanker, @Gezinspiratie (#FranceAtlantic #PC2f), Moniek de Jongh, @moodejo (#FranceAtlantic #PC1s) and Dionne van der Welle, @reishonger (#FranceAtlantic #PC3c).

The UK: Jane Meighan, @runawayJane (#FranceAtlantic #PC1s), Abigail King, @InsideTravelLab (#FranceAtlantic #PC3c) and Charlotte Everiss, @themummyblogger (#FranceAtlantic #PC2f).


Contributor:  Sue Lowry

CRT Poitou-Charentes is a client of Magellan PR.   Follow them on twitter @VisitPCharentes or on Facebook/Atlantic Coast & Cognac Country – Holidays in Poitou-Charentes.

Magellan PR is on twitter: @MagellanPR / on Facebook: MagellanPR / on Pinterest: Sue Lowry / on Google+:  Sue Lowry & MagellanPR and on Flickr: Sue Lowry.  For more information on our company, visit  Follow our other blog focussing on travel in the South of England – A3 Traveller.

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Magellan Straits showcases the observations & musings from Magellan PR, a boutique travel & lifestyle agency founded in 1998. We post items that are of interest from the clients we promote and from the travels and experiences that we independently undertake.
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