Aix – a kinder pace of life


Have you ever visited somewhere that you immediately & instinctively loved and that you hoped would stay like that forever?  Well, that place for me is Ile d’Aix in Poitou-Charentes, France.  I will be returning very soon and I fervently hope that it will have that same impact on me once again.

L'Ile d'Aix

No more building is allowed on this island and as homes become available, the council themselves are buying them to secure its constancy and charm.  A favourite haunt of French day-trippers, houses on Aix cost the equivalent of a Parisian apartment … that is, if someone will sell one to you.


Accessed by ferry from Fouras, the island is car-free and bike friendly – indeed it is easy enough to cycle around the entire island in a very short space of time as it is only 3 km long and 600 m wide.  And it’s flat!

Blue Boat on Aix

Beaches galore, good locally produced food and a pace of life that verges on the sleepy with gazing out at the horizon & dreaming a key priority.  This island is for people who want contemplation and relaxation – not for those who yearn for a faster pace of life.

Napoleon's House

I can’t wait to return to visit Napoleon’s House once more (now a museum), whilst staying in a charming, contemporary hotel that bears his name.  Paradise.

Hotel Napoleon, Aix

Contributor:  Sue Lowry

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