Interview with Carlo Pallone from Quarter Bar & Lounge

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Photo accredited to Tom Elms

Following the recent success of the United Kingdom Bartender’s Guild (UKBG) Coco Re’al Cocktail Competition held at Quarter Bar & Lounge, we saw an opportunity to provide you with the inside info on the member of staff that stands at the helm of the bar. Head Barman Carlo Pallone has provided you with an insight into his previous history in the hospitality industry and what Quarter Bar & Lounge has to offer to its guests.


Photo accredited to Sue Lowry

Originally from Rome, Italy Carlo has always been surrounded by food and drink and grew up working in his father’s restaurant. From an early age he has always aspired to impress his guests with the food or drink that he serves and in doing so has been able to achieve the skill level that he has today.

carlo making alfresco

Photo accredited to Sue Lowry

Throughout his career Carlo has been able to travel many different countries in Europe which have all provided him with the experience and inspiration that you see in everything he serves at Quarter Bar & Lounge. After his travels Carlo finally made the decision to settle and work in London as in his mind he believes that it is the best city in Europe for food and drink. He has always had a discrete fascination with the drinking culture in London along with the cooking techniques of Marco Pierre White and the way he runs a successful kitchen.

Carlo 2

Photo accredited to Sue Lowry

Being an experienced mixologist Carlo has had the opportunity to not only perfect previous recipes but create some of his own cocktails throughout his career, but there is still one that sticks in his mind. Keeping it traditional his favourite cocktail is the ‘Old Fashioned’, he described it as being,

“Very aggressive in the first sip but with the second it becomes very smooth and delicate”.

Carlo making shard-ini

Photo accredited to Sue Lowry

When creating a new cocktail Carlo always starts by taking inspiration from his day to day surroundings, he takes into account the colours he experiences, the food he has access to from the local markets or restaurant dishes and he even goes as far to take inspiration from what is happening in the news. Each of these contribute in different ways to his help complete his cocktail but there is one cool common factor that perfects every masterpiece and that is his favourite ingredient…ice.

19th May (5)

Photo accredited to Sue Lowry

Being ambidextrous has really helped Carlo develop his mixology skills allowing him to make two cocktails at the same time yet even this has not stopped his level of ambition. He still has a deep desire to fulfill his destiny and become Italian Prime Minister but before doing so he has been so kind as to pass on his tips to aspiring mixologists,

“Every time you make any kind of drink, make sure you set out to make it the best drink you have made so far.”


You will now find Carlo sharing his experiences with guests and fellow colleagues at Quarter Bar & Lounge offering a vast cocktail menu to satisfy everybody’s taste buds. You can also choose from a variety of different food menus where you will find Carlo’s personal favourite the Thai Beef Salad.

Thai Beef Salad 2

Contributor: Guy Hough

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