Five things to do in Grenoble …

Visit a necropolis! Le Musée archéologique Grenoble Saint-Laurent is part Son et Lumiere installation, part cemetery and part active architectural dig – all housed in a very clever, steel and glass infrastructure for this is also Grenoble’s archeology museum.

Take the bubble to the Bastille – a small fortified mountain at the crossroads of three Alpine valleys. Its cable car (the bubble) was the first in the world to be located in a city – it started operation in 1934.  Since that time over 13 million passengers have travelled on it at an average rate today of 250,000 per year.

Whilst in this ancient fort which dates back to the 16th century, enjoy a coffee or a meal and take in this view of the city of Grenoble.  Walk around the  1823 and 1848 fortifications for an unbelievable view of Le Massif du Vercours and the French Alps.

Visit a flea market!  This one suddenly appeared as we were walking in the older part of the city and had all manner of fabulous items that you never knew you wanted.

Go for a walk!  Grenoble is an historic city and if, like me, you are interested in architecture, it’s a must do activity.  This is the old Parliament building (former court house) in St Andre Square.  In particular, visit the new and most impressive Stendhal Museum for Henri Beyle, author, travel writer and sociologist, is Grenoble’s most famous citizen.

Visit the Grenoble Museum for a collection that varies from the antique to the contemporary.  I liked it as much for its artwork as for its design. (Thanks for modelling Ali Bedford!).    They also have a good restaurant, Le 5.

I travelled to Grenoble as a guest of Rhône-Alpes Tourisme.  We stayed at the three star Splendid Hotel Grenoble.  Click here for more about Grenoble.

Follow Rhône-Alpes Tourisme on Facebook/Rhône-Alpes Tourisme and on twitter:  @ExperienceRA.

Contributor and photographer:  Sue Lowry

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2 Responses to Five things to do in Grenoble …

  1. Gorgeous! One of my favourite cities on earth, what a backdrop with those mountains. I loved hiking up to the Bastille, the view was a perfect excuse for the exercise, I only took the Bulles once!

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