5 of the best visits…

As we come to the end of a year full of exciting new travel stories, it is time that we shared 5 of our best experiences…

violet bargeOn a recent press trip to Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées where violet is the emblem, Alexandra was given the opportunity to visit the “La Maison de la Violette” on board a barge anchored on the Canal du Midi. She informed us that when stepping aboard, your senses are overwhelmed with violet, from the scent, the colour and the taste. While there, you learn all about the history and if you are lucky, are invited to taste a few of the violet wares – she had violet ice cream, violet cola, candied violet, a violet mocktail and strictly for the grown-ups; a violet liqueur. Yum!

winchester cathedralA saga in A3Traveller’s exciting schedule this year led her to Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire, a religious structure with a history that is breathtaking. Hosting two Jane Austen memoirs as well as mortuary chests which, we are told, hold the bones of pre-conquest monarchs and bishops as well as the bones of William II (Rufus).

The medieval Great Screen is another must see, originally dating from between 1475 and 1490.  What you see today is probably from the late 19th century but the damaged statutory which you would originally have seen here can be viewed upstairs in the Triforium Gallery – destroyed by Henry VIII’s vandals in the reformation…that is just a peek into what is available to see at this stunning cathedral!

old dubai

When people mention Dubai, they immediately think of sharp, contemporary skyscrapers, excessive wealth and hot, hot sun.  Whilst it is all that of course, Sue personally found the older elements of the city of more interest.

When stepping into Old Dubai she was given the opportunity to experience one of the earliest forms of air condititioning, witness gold as far as the eye can see and around the corner was faced with spices, dried fruits and all sorts of potents and potions guaranteed to sort out any and all ailments!

10161498266_7d39963407_bWhen travelling home from Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine, en route to Madrid, Sue stopped off in the ancient city of Segovia for a brief moment to marvel at one of the most incredible engineering projects she has ever seen.

The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia, located just by the Plaza del Azoguejo, is now – quite rightly – a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It apparently dates back to around AD50 – and is built from around 25,000 granite blocks, placed so perfectly that no mortar was used.  It is around 813 metres in length, consists of more than 221 piers and at the lowest part of the valley, the Aqueduct is around 28.5 metres in height above ground.

Exterior of Flame TowersOur final visit took us to the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku. When entering the city it is hard not to be distracted by the architectural marvel that is the Flame Towers. Set on the highest part and overlooking the entire city, the three-columned building is designed in the shape of a flame with even the tip of each tower designed with a “flick”.  One tower houses offices, another residential apartments and the third a hotel (our client) – Fairmont Baku, Flame Towers – located in the northernmost block.

Baku is city full of art and culture with the inner city acting as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and dating back to the first Millennium. The city has also been graced with the genius that is Zaha Hadid who has created one of the most spectacular modern buildings of all time in the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre.

Contributor: Guy Hough in conversation with Sue Lowry and Alexandra Pinhorn

Photography: Sue Lowry and Alexandra Pinhorn

Toulouse is part of the CRT Midi-Pyrénées which is a client of Magellan PR. Follow them on Twitter: @tourismemidipy and Facebook: Tourisme-en-Midi-Pyrénées.  Toulouse is also on Twitter: @VisitToulouse and on Facebook: Toulouse.tourisme

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