Magellan’s 2014 Travel Wishlist

Happy New Year to all! We have finally left 2013 after a year of exciting travel and stepped into 2014 and we at Magellan PR have created a travel wishlist for the places where we would like to create new memories this year from our clientele and beyond – The Hound is licking his lips with excitement!!!!


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We start with Sue she has always dreamt of revisiting ‘The Eternal City’ that is Rome. Given the opportunity to release her cultural side by walking in the footsteps of the gladiators in the Colosseum or her artist within by gazing at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel which is famously painted by Michelangelo!

exterior (Medium)

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After learning all about the fascinating Jazz Band there was really no other option for Sue when choosing a destination from our clientele than to visit Fairmont Peace Hotel, Shanghai.

New Orleans

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On Alexandra’s 2014 wishlist is a visit to the home of blues – New Orleans, although after polite conversation she has given away her true intentions upon arrival and that is to sample the amazing food available…do you blame her?

Exterior of Flame Towers

Photo accredited to Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

After seeing Sue’s amazing pictures following her trip to Baku in Azerbaijan I think we were all a bit envious, but working a lot with the hotel Alexandra has put Fairmont Baku, Flame Towers at the top of her wishlist. She is extremely excited at the possibility of seeing the Flame Towers light up the Baku skyline!

We now venture to South America – to Argentina with Gillian. It has been a lifelong dream of hers to learn how to dance the Argentine Tango with flair and learn in the city where it originated from – I don’t know why she doesn’t just ask me for some tips I drink Tango all the time!


Photo accredited to Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Gillian must have been hungry when I asked where she wanted to visit from our client base because she said The Big Apple more specifically The Plaza, A Fairmont Managed Hotel in New York. She would love to step into the Eloise Suite famously designed by Betsey Johnson – who wouldn’t?

Scalloway Harbour, Shetland Islands

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We are travelling far up north with Fiona who would love to be taken on a tour of Scotland including the Shetland Islands and to join in the New Year celebrations in Edinburgh…or should I say Hogmanay as many Scots like to call it?


Photo accredited to Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Being a horse fanatic I had a slight idea of where Fiona might want to visit from our clientele. There was no more obvious choice than The Fairmont Palliser in Calgary. She would like to be an observer of the locally named ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ – The Calgary Stampede – some might say she should be a competitor!

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Finally, we come to my choice for my dream travel destination for 2014, and there is no place I would rather be than sipping on a cocktail in Rio de Janeiro, visiting the Christ the Redeemer statue and preparing for the celebrations of Carnival– trust me I would look fantastic in some of those outfits…not for sensitive eyes though!

fairmont mayakoba lobby

Photo accredited to Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Although my golfing skills aren’t something to shout about, I have always had my eyes on the Fairmont Mayakoba, Riviera Maya – home to the El Camaleón golf course which is part of the PGA Tour, but also home to some of the most beautiful beaches which are just waiting for me to sink my feet into their sand!

So you have heard where we want to go…have any of our destinations tempted you?

Contributor: Guy Hough

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is a client of Magellan PR.  For more information, please visit, follow them on twitter @FairmontHotels, on Facebook/Fairmont Hotels and on Pinterest under FairmontHotels.  Their community website is  Fairmont Baku is on twitter: @FairmontBaku and on Facebook/FairmontBaku. The Plaza, A Fairmont Managed Hotel is on twitter: @ThePlazaHotel and on Facebook/ ThePlazaHotel. The Fairmont Palliser is on twitter @Fairmont_PAL and on Facebook/ TheFairmontPalliser. Fairmont Mayakoba, Riviera Maya is on twitter @FairmontMYK and on Facebook/ FairmontMayakoba.

Magellan PR is on twitter @MagellanPR and on Facebook/MagellanPR.  For more information on our company, visit  Please see our sister blog focussing on travel in the South of England – A3 Traveller.

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