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Five things to do in Grenoble …

Visit a necropolis! Le Musée archéologique Grenoble Saint-Laurent is part Son et Lumiere installation, part cemetery and part active architectural dig – all housed in a very clever, steel and glass infrastructure for this is also Grenoble’s archeology museum. Take the bubble to … Continue reading

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Necropolis: The City of the Dead

Let’s go visit the Necropolis said Isabelle gaily – it’s incredible.  Intrigued, this is how I was beguiled to visit Grenoble’s very own City of the Dead one wintry December morning. She’s right, it is incredible – in fact, it’s … Continue reading

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In the Frame – Near the Bastille Bubble, Grenoble

I snapped this photo rapidly by reflex whilst waiting for the Bastille Bubble cable car in Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes, France – wondering if it was even in focus.  It has now become one of my favourite images, framed by the window of the … Continue reading

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Ride the Bastille Bubbles to the top of the world!

Ride the famous ‘Bubbles’ high above the historic city centre of Grenoble and arrive at the Bastille, in just a few glorious sight-seeing minutes with the famous Bastille Cable Car. Built in 1591 by the Duke of Lesdiguières, the Bastille fort was … Continue reading

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Grenoble – the ‘Capital of the Alps’

In the heart of the Alps and at the foot of three famous mountain chains, the Vercors, the Chartreuse and the Belledonne, Grenoble is steeped in over 2,000 years of history. Once hometown of famous author Stendhal, the city holds … Continue reading

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