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Is this the smallest museum in the world?

This is unique to Basel, said Rudolf my guide as we turned into a narrow alleyway in the city’s Old Quarter.  Uh-oh, said my inner grouch when viewing a steep hill of steps leading  up into the distance but no, … Continue reading

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HotelFacts: #6: The Hedge Museum

For the sixth in our Hotel Facts series, we return again to Spain,  the Castile y Leon area and Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine – a privately owned historic winery and hotel estate   dating back to the twelfth century.  This obelisk, above, … Continue reading

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Puppet on a string ….

I do love a little eccentricity when I travel and this young fellow just made me laugh.  This  travelling “Toulouse-Lautrec” – seen at the historic, half timbered Hotel Renaissance, in Castres in the Tarn part of Midi-Pyrénées, is a priceless gem and so … Continue reading

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Five things to do in La Rochelle!

Here are five suggestions of things to do if you visit La Rochelle in the Poitou-Charentes region of France.  http://www.visit-poitou-charentes.com: Visit the covered market for all manner of delicious foods, flowers or for that bottle of Pineau (a regional speciality). Climb … Continue reading

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Five of the Best Museums!

Welcome to the third of our five of the best series, looking at common themes and topics across the Magellan PR client base. This one is looking at destinations with ‘Museums with a Difference’ including The Savoy (a Fairmont property), … Continue reading

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A3 Wanderings: Gilbert White’s House & The Oates Museum

The sign on the A3 I see every day intrigued me.  Who was Gilbert White and why is his house so special?  When I had some time to spare, I decided to find out. Gilbert White was a keen gardener … Continue reading

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A3 Wanderings: Selborne, Hampshire

Wanting to know more about this name I see everyday on the A3 roundabout, Gilbert White, has also brought me an unexpected treat.  By visiting Gilbert White’s House (more in another post), it has lead me to Selborne, a delightful … Continue reading

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See a legend in the making in Rochefort: the Hermione

Hailing from an historic nautical city like Portsmouth and with a grandfather who was a master shipwright, I suspect that an interest in ships is built into my DNA.  It might be unsurprising therefore to read this post about a … Continue reading

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